State of WVU Tech: Growth due to move to Beckley [Register-Herald]

During the 2018 State of Tech address, WVU Tech's Interim Campus President Dr. Gerald Lang said first-year enrollment numbers have nearly doubled from a decade ago. 

WVU Tech has enrolled 75 more first-time freshman during the 2018-19 school year than it did when the Beckley campus opened last year, and Lang said although the number will hopefully continue to grow, he believes it's all due to what he called the "Beckley effect." 

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Lang delivers State of Tech Address [Video]

Dr Lang delivers State of Tech Address

On Friday, October 5, Interim Campus President Dr. Gerald Lang delivered the annual State of Tech address to more than 60 attendees from the University and the community. His remarks covered the history of WVU Tech and a look at the university’s future, including the expansion of academic programs, recruitment initiatives for “Generation Z” students, encouraging students and faculty to continue building powerful connections with the local community and the addition of campus facilities.

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With severe storm approaching the East Coast, WVU Tech reminds campus community about safety and resources

We urge students, faculty and staff to be prepared as the state braces for the impact of Hurricane Florence, making landfall along the East Coast later this week.

While there is no indication at this point that the Beckley campus will get hit hard by this storm, the impacts of Florence are expected to be felt in many parts of our region and members of our Golden Bear family may be affected.

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More than 400 new students to attend WVU Tech orientation August 12-14

The WVU Tech campus will welcome more than 400 new students for New Student Orientation, August 12-14.

On Sunday, August 12, new students will move into residence halls from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. That afternoon, the University will host a welcome picnic for students and families on the Carter Hall lawn. That event is expected to host nearly 1,000 guests.

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