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We teach the next generation of trailblazers.

At WVU Tech, the work you do can change the world. Your time at our institution is a transformative journey of learning and lasting memories. Our students leave campus with a resolute mission of discovery - pioneering revolutionary technologies and groundbreaking theories.

Golden Bears rise above the ordinary. They become leaders and innovators. They foster curiosity, creativity and exploration. We invite you to explore our campus and start your journey at WVU Tech.

I'm ready to make a difference

Everywhere you go, there are people that truly care about you. Faculty, career services, student success services, student life – everywhere you go there is someone who really cares. That’s what separates Tech from other schools.

Antonio Fernández Castaño

Mechanical Engineering | Class of 2022
Associate Manufacturing Equipment Engineer – Tesla

We’re Here To Help

What can WVU Tech offer me?

Our industry-driven course content offers a world-class education, while our small class sizes ensure personalized attention. With cutting-edge resources at your fingertips, WVU Tech offers opportunities to excel without breaking the bank.

Show me what I can achieve

I want to apply to WVU Tech!

Our dedicated admissions staff supports you every step of the way. From helping you choose your perfect program to expert guidance through the application process, we are committed to offering a smooth admissions experience. Our admissions counselors are your go-to resource for questions and concerns, empowering you to take the leap into an exciting world of discovery.

I'm ready to become a Golden Bear

I got in! What's next?

We're incredibly excited to welcome you as a new Golden Bear! Let's get you on the right track.

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Golden Bear Family Resources

Golden Bears are a global family. Now that your loved one is part of that family, so are you! Whether you are thousands of miles away or just down the street in Beckley, we want you to be part of our community.

How can I get involved?