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WVU Tech student receives Youth Empowerment Grant for art therapy activities on campus

Fayth Laxton, a student at West Virginia University Institute of Technology (WVU Tech), recently was awarded a $7,500 Youth Empowerment Grant through the Collegiate Strategic Prevention Framework Partnerships for Success (C-SPF PFS, or C-SPF) to bring relaxation and coping mechanisms to students through art therapy.

C-SPF PFS is a federally grant-funded program awarded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to Marshall University’s Center of Excellence for Recovery. The goal of the program is to prevent and reduce the onset of substance misuse among college students within a 21-county area, covering all of southern West Virginia. There are nine student leaders at colleges, universities and community colleges throughout the state, including the Osteopathic School, working on their respective campuses to promote wellness and prevention.

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