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Long to deliver State of Tech address on Monday, October 2

WVU Tech Campus President Carolyn Long will deliver the State of Tech address on Monday, October 2 at 4 p.m. in the Carter Hall auditorium. The annual address covers the university’s activities in the previous year and a look at the institution’s future.

This year’s address will focus on enrollment and retention, growing academic programs, an increase in community service activity, community partnerships and a campus update.

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Dr. Kenneth Bailey to discuss Battle of Stanaford at ninth-annual Rice Lecture

On February 25, 1903, seven striking miners were killed in a raid in Stanaford, West Virginia, just ten minutes from WVU Tech’s campus. The event was both a local tragedy and a dark blot on the state of labor relations in the United States. It occurred just months after the nationally significant 1902 coal strikes in Pennsylvania and marked a period of unrest in the West Virginia coalfields that culminated in violent coal wars that didn’t end in the state until the 1920s.

On Thursday, September 28, Dr. Kenneth R. Bailey will deliver the ninth-annual Otis K. Rice Lecture at WVU Tech. His lecture will examine the incident in Stanaford, as well as the murder of striking miner John Harless, and the responses of Raleigh County legal officials and the federal courts.

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Student, graduate, teacher, leader: Tech grads turned nursing faculty are recognized for their work

Every once in a while, a college student completes a career cycle that puts them right back where they started, where they come back to their alma mater and do for students what their professors did for them.

Hillary Parcell, MSN, RN, and Kelly Morton, MSN, RN, did just that. They moved from Tech student to Tech graduate. They went on to complete advanced degrees. Now, they both teach at the University, where they’re helping students to follow their path and showing the nursing world what it means to be a Golden Bear.

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WVU Tech student organizations to host escape room October 5-8

The student-run Forensic Investigation Association and Psychology Club at WVU Tech will be hosting two escape rooms in the Crime Scene House on campus from Thursday, October 5 through Sunday, October 8, 2017.

The organizations have designed two themed escape scenarios. The first, a take on Alice in Wonderland, will task escapees with finding White Rabbit’s pocket watch in time for tea with the Mad Hatter. The second escape room – Crime Scene Investigation: Beckley – will challenge visitors to solve a string of grisly crimes before the case goes cold.

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Rahall to lecture at WVU Tech in honor of Constitution Day

WVU Tech’s annual Constitution Day and Citizenship Day celebrations will include a guest lecture from former Congressman Nick Rahall, who served for nearly 40 years and finished his congressional career as the longest-serving member of the U.S. House of Representatives in the state’s history. 

Rahall will talk about the constitution and share ways that students, faculty and staff can get involved in the legislative process. He will speak on Monday, September 18 at 3 p.m. in Carter Hall. 

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Nora Myers named director of WVU Tech’s LaunchLab in Beckley

Nora Myers has been named director of WVU Tech’s LaunchLab, a resource center for entrepreneurial WVU Tech students who want to start or grow new business initiatives.

Myers began her work at WVU Tech on August 21. In this role, she will provide guidance and resources to students interested in starting businesses. LaunchLab services include helping develop business plans, conducting market research, protecting intellectual property, accessing technical development expertise and recruiting partners and team members from the university community and beyond.

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A new way to fuel your day: Tech Spot grab-and-go café opens on campus

The Tech Spot is the newest place on campus to grab a meal.

More than two dozen students line up on the first floor of the LRC on a Tuesday afternoon. It’s been unseasonably cool and raining on and off for days. It’s the perfect kind of day for an afternoon croissant and a cup of coffee, and that’s why they’re here – because it’s also the perfect kind of day to visit the brand new café on campus.

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