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Deborah K Beutler, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology
304.929.1225 Life Sciences Building, Room 307B

Ph.D. | Washington State University |  Ma y 2000 | Zoology (Avian Ecology)

M.S. | Kansas State University | August 1993 | Biology ( Avian Ecology)

B.A. | Idaho State University | May 1989 | Zoology

Teaching Experience

West Virginia University Institute of Technology. 

Professor of Biology, 2014-present.

A ssociate Professor of Biology, 2006 - 2014.

Assistant Professor 2000-2006. 

Lecture/laboratory courses: General Biology (BIOL-111), General Biology (BIOL-112), Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL-233), Anatomy and Physiology I (BIOL-231, Lecture only), Anatomy and Physiology II (BIOL-231, Lecture only), Parasitology (BIOL-347), Systematic Zoology (Biol. 343), Organismal Zoology (BIOL-442), Ecology. (BIOL-466), Behavioral Ecology (BIOL 338), Freshman Seminar (WVUe 191)

Teaching Assistant at Washington State University 1994-2000.

Taught lab sections in General Biology (Biol-102), Parasitology (Zool-417), Ornithology (Zool-423), and General Zoology (Zool-225). 

Teaching Assistant at Kansas State University 1991-1993.

Courses taught were General Biology (BIOL-198) and Ornithology (BIOL-543).

Non-teaching work experience

Wildlife Biologist, Republic Ranger District, Colville National Forest, WA, U.S. Forest Service, Summer 2000. Conducted goshawk surveys and loon monitoring.

Lab Technician/Sales Clerk, Western Photo, Pullman WA, Summers only, 1999-2000. Sold film and photo processing, proofed and spotted prints.

Research Assistant, Eastern Washington University, Summers only, 1994-1999. Conducted bird surveys, nest searches, plant surveys. 

Research Assistant, Kansas State University, Summers only, 1992-1993. Conducted bird surveys and nest searches. 

Research Assistant, EG&G, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. 1988-1991. Analyzed data, managed samples, maintained lab.

Professional Societies | Memberships

American Ornithological Union (1990 to present) 

Cooper Ornithological Society (life member since 2003)

Wilson Ornithological Society (life member since 2004)

Brook Bird Club (West Virginia’s ornithological society, 2001 to present),

Western Field Ornithologists (1990 to present)

West Virginia Academy of Sciences (life member since 2011)

Association of Southeastern Biologists (2013)

Beutler, D.K. In Prep. Use of diversion wells filled with limestone to mitigate the effects of acid mine drainage on Morris Creek, WV.

Beutler, D.K. In Prep. Annotated check list of the birds of the Morris Creek Watershed, Fayette and Kanawha County, WV. 

Beutler, D.K. 2013. Use of Limestone Sand to Treat Acid Mine Drainage. Water Net Resources Newsletter, Fall 2013, pages 6-7.

Beutler, D.K. 2006. Annotated Checklist of Birds on Tech Mountain, Fayette County, West Virginia. Redstart, April 2006. 

Beutler, D. K. 2000. The local and landscape factors affecting the distribution of the Brownheaded Cowbird in northeastern Washington. Ph.D. dissertation, Washington State University, May 2000. Beutler, D. K. 1992. The effects of burning tallgrass prairie on the breeding bird community. M.S. Thesis, Kansas State University, August 1992.

Curriculum Vitae