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Studying psychology at WVU Tech is the perfect place to start your career, whether you want to attend graduate or professional school or enter the workforce. Tech is home to one of only two full behavioral laboratories in the state, allowing students to observe and conduct research early in their college careers. 

Let's get started!

Focusing on your journey

Our program and small student-professor ratio gives students the opportunity conduct and present research and have a great foundation for graduate or professional school, or enter the workforce. Psychology is also a great compliment to double major or minor in if you’re thinking about a degree in forensic investigation, sociology or criminal justice. 

You’ll be able to explore how the mind works, theory behind learning and behavior and the tools you’ll need to succeed no matter what your next steps are outside of Tech. Whether you want to make a difference as a social worker, therapist, counselor or research mental health issues, we’re the perfect place to start.

Why psychology at WVU Tech?

  • Students get real-world experiences by completing field placements around the state and beyond while completing their degree requirements.
  • Many students also end up presenting their research at professional conferences and venues across the country.
  • Our program prepares students for careers supporting clients in the field and performing research.

State-of-the Art Behavioral Laboratory

Two researchers holding a rat in a lab

WVU Tech is home to one of only two animal behavioral labs in the state. The laboratory serves as crucial training for behavior modification principles. This lab is helps give students real world research experience, which can lead to helping people with autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and other behavioral disorders. This state-of-the-art lab includes operant chambers, stimuli machines and recording software.

Our graduates accepted positions in the field as:

  • School counselors
  • Therapists
  • Substance abuse counselors
  • Social workers

A program that prepares you
for the rest of your life

  • Research Methods and Analysis and Lab
    Research methods and data analysis utilizing descriptive and correlational designs in developmental, experimental, clinical, and social psychology in the laboratory and the natural environment.
  • Learning and Behavior Theory
    Advanced course concerned with fundamental conceptual issues in the psychology of learning and behavior.
  • Intro to Psychological Disorders
    Introduction to major categories of psychological and behavioral disorders, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance-related disorders, psychotic disorders, and personality disorders. Etiology, prevention, and treatment will be discussed.

A person in therapy

Your Psychology Faculty

Jemma Cook, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Profile: Cook, Jemma

Cynthia Hall, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology

Profile: Hall, Cynthia