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History and Government

We'll put you on the path to making meaningful change with a degree in History and Government. Out program is geared to aspiring leaders in law, politics, civil service and more. You'll explore the historical context of our world through politics, social issues, economics and technology.

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History and Government at WVU Tech

Understanding the past to change the future

Our faculty are passionate about sharing their scholarship and understanding of the past and present to prepare students for the 21st century. When you join our program, you'll work closely with faculty who will support your individual journey through high-quality education and mentorship.

Gain the experience you'll need for a rewarding career

Whether you want to pursue graduate education, enter civil service, go to law school, open a business or run for political office, a degree in History and Government can help you achieve your goal. In fact, our program meets and exceeds the criteria for pre-law curricula established by the American Association of Law Schools.

Classes that will engage you...

Revolutions in Science and Technology
This course examines specific periods of intensified change in science and technology to develop general understanding of scientific and technical change. Episodes may include the scientific, industrial, Darwinian or other revolutions.

Hollywood and History
Explore twentieth century American culture, politics and society through film. The class examines the relationship between film and history using films as primary sources for understanding the past.

Appalachian Regional History
Undertake a historical survey of Central Appalachia’s three phases of development: traditional society of the nineteenth century; the transformation of a mountain society by industrialization at the turn of the twentieth century; and contemporary Appalachia.

One degree. Dozens of possibilities.

Earning a BA in History and Government from WVU Tech opens diverse career opportunities in education, administration, government service, law and more. WVU Tech's program prepares you to analyze policy, interpret legal codes, conduct valuable research and effectively communicate your findings. Nonprofits, corporations and governments need competent employees with the skills to navigate the complexities of policy. A History and Government degree from WVU Tech equips you to meet these challenges and excel in various professional roles.

meet Your History and Government Faculty

Patrick Brown Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of History

Profile: Brown, Patrick

Andrea (Andi) Kent, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science

Profile: Kent, Andi

Paul H. Rakes, Ph.D.

Professor of History

Profile: Rakes, Paul H.