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Ace your first year

The Academy of Engineering Success (AcES) at WVU Tech helps students in select engineering and computer science programs get a head start on their first year of college. WVU Tech's Academy of Engineering Success.

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August 12–16, 2024

About the Academy

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The Academy of Engineering Success, or AcES, is a weeklong academic success and professional development program at WVU Tech. It is modeled off the same program offered at the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources at WVU in Morgantown.

The program is specifically designed for any incoming first-year engineering, pre-engineering or computer science students at WVU Tech. By enrolling in AcES, you will have opportunities to begin building your professional network, explore engineering career options, and develop strategies for academic success in WVU Tech's demanding engineering and computer science programs.

Why Participate?

  • Develop a set of skills that will help you succeed in our engineering and computer science programs.

  • Hone your critical-thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills.

  • Build a professional network by connecting with faculty, staff, student ambassadors and engineers in industry.

  • Become familiar with institutional and academic resources.

  • Receive customized academic counseling.

  • Visit local and regional engineering sites.

  • Increase your chances of excelling during your first year of college.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does participating in AcES cost?
There is no fee to participate.

Will I be staying in my residence hall during AcES week?
Yes, you will. Arrangements to move in on the morning of August 12 must be made by the participant and information will be distributed closer to the event.

I will not be living in a residence hall in fall. Can I still participate in AcES?
Yes. While we recommend that you stay in a residence hall, if you have other living arrangements for fall you can still participate in AcES. You will be responsible for commuting to and from campus and attending all sessions during the pre-semester week.

Is AcES the same thing as New Student Orientation?
No. These are two separate programs that are administered at two different times, so there are no conflicting activities.

Will COVID restrictions apply?
As we approach the event, we will communicate any policies set forth by the University.

The ACES Experience

The Academy of Engineering Success is a whole lot more than moving in early or meeting new friends (although you get to do that, too).

Here are some of the things Academy students will do during AcES week:


You'll meet new students who are starting in engineering and computer science majors alongside you. They're going to be a great help moving forward as you all tackle your degrees, design projects and those tough classes together over the next few years. But you'll also meet with faculty and staff from your major (and others), giving you an edge when school starts. Plus, you'll get to meet with engineers who are currently working in the field - it's a really great way to get your network started early.

Survey campus for resources

Like any pro engineer, you'll get the lay of the land before you start your college career. You'll visit key campus locations, find out where the important departments are located, find your classes and more. Plus you'll get a chance to learn about some of our incredible student services, like free tutoring, free advising, financial aid counseling, health and mental wellness and student clubs and organizations.

Design projects

You'll work alongside a team to put together a unique project over the course of AcES week. Then your team will present your work at the end of the program.

(Out in the) field trips

We'll take you to sites where real engineering is happening every day. You'll meet professionals in the field and learn how they're putting the kinds of skills you'll be learning to use in their jobs.

And the fun stuff...

We'll have some downtime activities, too. Chances to hang out with your new friends, movie nights and more. There's also a brand new disc golf course on campus.