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Sport Management

Small class sizes at WVU Tech means a supportive environment learning the ins and outs of the sport management business. You’ll be well equipped for the workforce with a solid academic foundation, internship experience and professional networking from our alumni and staff.

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What is Sport Management?

A career is sports isn't just for athletes. There's a whole industry of people working behind the scenes making the magic happen before, during and after game day. From marketing and public relations to coaching, sport management professionals are the lifeblood of the industry.

Sport Management at WVU Tech

The sport management program at WVU Tech is a multidisciplinary program, allowing students to focus on the sport side of business, accounting, communication, law and ethics. Whether you want to head to graduate school or enter the workforce, you’ll be ready with your degree from WVU Tech.

Our alumni and staff have extensive connections that can help propel students’ internships and workforce experience around the world. Students are required to complete an internship, which can be close to home or around the country, at a high school or college athletics department or semi-pro baseball teams, to larger schools and professional opportunities. There are also many outdoor recreation organizations that students can intern with around the region. Our location in southern West Virginia makes it the perfect springboard to launch your career.

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Sports Studies Club

Students can gain valuable work experience and connect with other students in the Sport Studies Club. The Club runs clinics, conferences, plans events and allows for networking opportunities.

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Our graduates accepted positions in the field as:

  • Sports information directors
  • Athletic directors
  • YMCA directors
  • Community recreation and sport center managers

You'll be ready to tackle any challenge

Our program is built to maximize your time and energy learning industry-standard practices in sport management. Our faculty are experts in the field providing both theoretical perspectives and practical skills to ensure you are ready to hit the job market running after graduation. Some of our most exciting courses include:

Technology in sport management

This course provides an understanding of the technological concepts and principles relevant to sport management and provides student with practical experiences in the use of emerging technologies in the field.

Sport marketing

Explore marketing principles as they relate to sport organizations. Specific attention is focused on the marketing planning process, marketing information systems and internal marketing.

Facility planning

Uncover an in-depth study of sport facilities, including planning, design, liability, and management concepts and evaluation.

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Your Sport Management Faculty

Jones, Mark

Teaching Associate Professor of Sport and Recreation Management

Profile: Jones, Mark

Caroline McKelvie, M.S.

Teaching Instructor of Sport and Recreation Management

Profile: McKelvie, Caroline