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Renovated construction management classroom unveiled

Thanks to a generous donation from Jarrett Construction, West Virginia University Institute of Technology (WVU Tech) has a brand-new learning space dedicated to instructing construction management students.

A ribbon cutting was held to unveil the newly renovated classroom space to students and the community on Tuesday, October 24.

A photo of several people with scissors getting ready to cut a red ribbon in a classroom. John Jarrett is standing in the center.

Dr. Guillermo Hahn, Professor and Interim Chair for Civil Engineering and Construction Management, thanked Jarrett during his remarks at the ribbon cutting.

“What you are doing for us goes well beyond the gift. Those contributions come in forms of mentoring and connections and all of those things together make us better and will help us go far,” Hahn said.

Dr. Ebenezer Tackey-Otoo, Assistant Professor of Construction Management, echoed Dr. Hahn’s sentiments.

“I didn’t know anyone when I came to Tech. I received an email from John. He wanted to meet about the program. He said, ‘I am here, how can I help?’ This is proof [of his commitment],” he said.

The classroom received new paint, floors, ceilings, wall graphics and heating and cooling systems. The front of the room looks like a regular upscale learning space, but the back of the room is designed to be able to give students hands-on experiences. The ceiling was left open so that students could get a look at the inner workings of the building, including joists and light fixtures. The sprinkler system, which is typically enclosed, was also left uncovered.

A man in front of a red ribbon gestures behind him, showing the back of the classroom celling that is open. This is for students to be able to see and learn from.

John Jarrett, president of Jarrett Construction and alumnus of WVU Tech, was excited to explain the benefits of the classroom at the ceremony.

“One day, he [a student] will be out there and building a building with a sprinkler in it. That’s the sprinkler entrance valve there, so that’s something for him to see,” Jarrett explained. “You can see the light fixtures, the wiring, the conduits, the ductwork. Tech does such a great job of educating their students, and this is one way to do that so that when he [the student] sits down in front of me, and I ask him what a piece of ductwork is, he’s going to be able to tell me. That’s just the extra education students are getting at my beloved alma mater.”

“Tech produces a high-quality student and a high-quality employee. Tech uses the same software we use, so the students are really prepared,” Jarrett said.

The construction management program is the only four-year program in West Virginia. Of the two cohorts of students that have graduated, there is a 100% job placement rate. Jarrett Construction has hired one student from each cohort and is hiring another student who will complete their degree in May of 2024. 

The classroom will help attract even more students to the program, which is already seeing growth and interest.

For more information about WVU Tech’s construction management program, visit