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Early Enrollment Courses

WVU Tech offers the following courses to Early Enrollment students. Please note that this page exists to provide descriptions of available courses – not every course is offered each semester. See the registration form for your semester and/or high school to find out which courses we’re currently offering.

ACCT 201 - Principles of Accounting. 3 Hours. (On campus only)

The concepts, principles, and procedures pertaining to the preparation, analysis, and interpretation of financial statements.

ACE 106 – Introduction to Athletic Coaching

Overview of the athletic coaching profession, including career opportunities, critical current issues/trends, professional standards and the professional organizations.

BUSA 101 - Introduction to Business. 3 Hours.

An introduction to the contemporary business world, including international and small business, quality, ethics, and career preparation. The role of accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing activities are investigated.

CS 101 – Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to spreadsheets and databases for problem solving in disciplines such as math, science, engineering, business, social sciences, behavioral sciences and environment: using computer applications to create technical reports and presentations.

CS 121 – Computer Science 1 (On campus only)

Problem-solving methods and algorithm development; programming in high level language designing, coding, debugging and documenting programs using techniques of good programming style.

CS 122 - Computer Science 2. 4 Hours. (On campus only)

Prerequisite: CS 121 with a grade of C or better. Software development with abstract data types; elementary data structures including lists, stacks, and queues; development of algorithms; classical sorting and search techniques; design methodolog; file processing; recursion; and object-oriented design and development.

ENGL 101 – Composition and Rhetoric

A course in writing non-fiction prose, principally the expository essay. Required of all bachelor's degree candidates unless the requirement is waived under regulations prevailing at the time of admission.  

ENGL 102 – Composition and Rhetoric

Writing college-level research papers based on argumentative models. Precision in footnotes, bibliographies, usage, punctuation and stylistics assumed. Required of all bachelor's degree candidates unless the requirement is waived under regulations prevailing at the time of admission.

FRNX 101 - Introduction to Forensic Investigation. 3 Hours. (On campus only)

Covers the history, organization, and functions of Forensic Investigation organizations; how disciplines of science produce evidence; and science's role in the courtroom. Introduces types of crime scenes and how they are processed.

HIST 152 – Growth of the American Nation to 1865

Examines the basic political, economic and social forces in formation and development of the United States before 1865. Emphasis on national development from independence through the Civil War.

HIST 153 – The Making of Modern America: 1865 to Present

Continues the examination of basic political, economic and social forces in the development of the United States since the Civil War.

MATH 121 – Introductory Concepts of Mathematics

Topics in modern mathematics.

MATH 124 – Algebra with Applications

Study of algebra with an emphasis on applications for science, business, technology, and social science. Topics include graphing and solving problems using linear, quadratic, square-root, logarithmic, and exponential functions, solving equations, performing operations on matrices.

MATH 126A – College Algebra

Review of the real number system and algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities, graphing, functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, basic matrix operations and properties systems of equations, polynomials.

POLS 102 - Introduction to American Government. 3 Hours.

General survey of American national government and politics.

PSYC 101 – Introduction to Psychology

A survey of general psychology.

SOCA 101 – Introduction to Sociology

Basic course intended to develop a perspective about the nature of social processes and the structure of society.