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WVU Tech forensics to host crime scene investigation workshop

From a first-person perspective, we see a door jamb with crime scene tape running across it. Behind, two investigators stand next to a desk discussing their findings.

The WVU Tech department of Forensic Investigation will host a crime scene investigation workshop on Saturday, November 10 from 9:00-11:30 a.m.
Open to the community, the workshop will consist of both lecture and hands-on components. It will cover the fundamentals of crime scene processing, and participants will get to put their newfound skills to the test by investigating mock crime scenes at the program’s crime scene house. 
Forensic investigation professor Roger Jefferys will deliver the workshop. Jefferys, who organizes the University’s popular forensic investigation summer camp, said that he’s working to expand that programming to adults.
“We’ve had a lot of parents over the last couple of years express an interest in forensics and who have inquired about these types of classes. This workshop will be a good opportunity for community members to learn what goes on during an investigation, whether they are fans of shows like CSI or have a general interest in the field. It will be a fun, interactive experience for participants.
The workshop costs $25 and is limited to the first 20 participants ages 12 and up. Proceeds from the event will go to the forensic investigation student organization.
The workshop will begin in the Innovation Building at 282 Minnesota Ave (view campus map).