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Career, Internship and Co-op Fair to host more than 50 employers

Coming soon - career, Internship and Co-Op fair

On Thursday, October 12, WVU Tech students will have a chance to meet with employers from throughout the region and from a wide range of industries.

The Career, Internship and Co-Op Fair will take place in the Van Meter Gym (see campus map) from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. The event will bring in more than 50 employers who are looking for full-time employees, interns and co-op participants.

Candice Stadler, Associate Dean for Student Development, said that the event is for every student, no matter where they are on the job hunt.

"We have some new companies this year that are very exciting to have involved. There's something for most people and I would encourage our students from any major to think broadly about employers. Engineering firms need accountants and IT professionals. There are companies like Kroger that are recruiting people for their management training program. They should talk to people regardless of industry," she said.

It’s also an opportunity for students looking for internships.

“Many of these companies have their internship and co-op needs already laid out. If you’re a student looking for an internship for next summer, it’s not too early to start talking to these companies,” she said.

Tips from the pros

Stadler said there are a few things students can do to help their chances on fair day.

“First, if you need a resume review, get in to see us right away,” she said. “Time’s running out.”

Before the fair, she said it’s also a good idea to plan ahead. She recommends visiting the MountaineerTrack page for the fair to see the list of employers and the majors they’re looking for. MountaineerTrak has a feature that even allows students to pick their top employers and create a checklist they can use on the day of the event.

"Plan a strategy beforehand. There are more than 50 companies, so if you only have an hour or two, you'll have to set some priorities to make sure you get to meet with the companies that really appeal to you,” she said.

On the day of, she said, students should dress to impress (no jeans, yoga pants, sandals, etc.), bring copies of their updated resume and be prepared to talk about themselves. Specifically, students should be able to talk about their major, what they’re learning, what interests them in a career and what they want to learn. Stadler also said that students should be very comfortable talking about anything included on their resume.

She also said to arrive early to the event to maximize time with employers.

“10 to 11 in the morning tends to be a little less busy, which could give early students more one-on-one time with employers,” she said.

How to get a jump start on the job hunt

Enterprising students can get started even earlier at a networking reception the day before the fair. The Division of Student life will host a networking reception with a group of employers at the Student Life House on Wednesday, October 11 from 5:00-6:30 p.m.

Even though the reception is less formal than the fair, Stadler said that attending students should dress to impress and be prepared to talk about their career interests.

At the end of the day

What students do after the fair can be just as important as attending.

“There's a follow-up component that a lot of students forget about,” Stadler said. “If you talk to an employer and you're very interested, make sure you get their business card. Then send an email afterwards and be sure to complete the actual application online through the company. You'd be surprised how many people miss that. It's a small thing, but it helps an applicant stand out when employers are reviewing candidates.”

Some companies will also be conducting interviews and information sessions in the hours and days after the fair.

Find out more about the event or contact Stadler and her team on the Career Services website.