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Facultivities: Skin cancer prevention, ballistics and emerging leaders in nursing

Facultivities graphic - Facultivities is a regular story that features the work of WVU Tech faculty

WVU Tech’s faculty members are dedicated to the advancement of the fields they teach. Outside of the classroom they’re researchers, writers, presenters, go-to experts and road warriors who share their passion for learning with the world.

Here’s what our faculty members have been up to:

Amy Bruce (Nursing) received a grant from the Teaching and Learning Commons at WVU for the 2017-2018 academic year. Bruce was also published in the International Journal of Nursing Sciences for "A state of the science on influential factors related to sun protective behaviors to prevent skin cancer in adults," and in the International Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare for "The use of teledermoscopy in the accurate identification of cancerous skin lesions in the adult population: a systematic review.”

In June, she presented a poster at the International Nursing Sciences conference in Dallas, Texas 2017 on the state of the science paper.

Roger Jeffreys (Forensics) co-authored "An evaluation of the discriminating power of an Integrated Ballistics Identification System, Heritage System, with the NIST Standard Cartridge Case (Standard Reference Material 2461)," which was accepted for publication by Forensic Science International.

Hillary Parcell (Nursing) and Kelly Morton (Nursing) were selected to the Future of Nursing West Virginia 40 Under 40. The two were chosen for their work in the profession and in their communities, and were honored alongside other emerging leaders in nursing at a gala in Charleston this August. Read more on the News Archive.