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Facultivities: Women and crime, wild math and Mexican tomatoes

WVU Tech’s faculty members are dedicated to the advancement of the fields they teach. Outside of the classroom they’re researchers, writers, presenters, go-to experts and road warriors who share their passion for learning with the world.

Here’s what our faculty members have been up to:

Dr. Asad Davari (Electrical and Computer Engineering) has been invited to give a presentation entitled “Engineering Education Strategies for Student Engagement” on May 11 for the WVU Teaching and Learning Commons Workshop.

Dr. Deborah Chun (Mathematics) gave a math colloquium entitled “Matroids and wilder things: Polymatroids and Delta-matroids” and a math club talk on the Morgantown campus on April 13.

Dr. Fahid Gill (Economics) presented a co-authored paper, “Economic Assimilation of Second Generation Immigrants: A Longitudinal Study,” at the annual meeting of the Midwestern Economics Association in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dr. Andrea Kent (Political Science) had her article, "Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War and Additional Protocol" published in the Encyclopedia of Women and Crime.

Dr. Mark Wilson (Economics) presented a paper, “Food miles: should I eat Mexican tomatoes?,” at the Virginia Association of Economists meeting in Richmond, Virginia this March. As an extension of the paper, he reviewed the book “From Field to Fork: food ethics,” by Paul Thompson. The review was published in the Agriculture and Human Values Journal in May.

Dr. Doug Terry (English) presented a paper entitled “‘The Island as It Lay’: Negotiating Race in James W. C. Pennington’s Common School Review, 1840-41” at the College English Association Annual Conference in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Dr. Stephany Coffman-Wolph (Computer Science and Information Systems), presented her work on artificial intelligence on April 24 during Academic Media Day on the Morgantown campus.