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For all campuses: Moving forward as One WVU

As West Virginia University continues to evolve the brand in the marketplace, the word marks (logos) for WVU Tech and Potomac State College will undergo slight revisions. These revisions align all campuses within the WVU system quickly and easily while reducing confusion in the market.

“We have five wonderful and vibrant campuses across the state of West Virginia,” said President Gordon Gee. “We need to align all so that prospective students, faculty and staff have a better understanding that we are one university with a variety of quality educational experiences to meet our students’ needs.”

Carolyn Long, president of WVU Tech, agreed. “All of the campuses within the West Virginia University system bring different features to the table for students and meet their needs in a variety of ways,” said Long. “We’re excited about continuing our work together to help find the best fit for prospective students and families. Through streamlining and collaboration, we can be more efficient and effective in how we support students and communities throughout the state.”

Though aligning the marks is a new marketing direction, the affiliation with WVU has been long-standing. “The change in logos highlights and supports the goal of being OneWVU. Since its inception in 1901, Potomac State College has always been a part of the University. We’re pleased that this fact is being brought more to the forefront visually,” said Campus President Jennifer Orlikoff.

University Relations and Enrollment Management teams from all campuses are working to create cohesive messaging and materials for the recruitment cycle that will begin in fall 2017.

For WVU Tech files and branding guidelines, please contact WVU Tech University Relations at

The new WVU Tech institutional wordmark