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Early Enrollment Types

Early Enrollment Types

We offer a variety of course types to help high school students make the most of their early enrollment experience. Every student who is eligible for early enrollment courses can apply for our online courses. We also offer in-seat courses and hybrid courses for students at Woodrow Wilson and Liberty high schools.  


The majority of our early enrollment college-level courses are offered entirely online. Take anything from English to Sociology. Click on the link for your school to apply.

General high school, home school and private school students

Bland County High School

Buffalo High School

Calhoun County Middle & High School  

Fayetteville High School

Greenbrier East

Greenbrier West

Highland Adventist School

Independence High School

James Monroe High School

Liberty High School Courses

Meadow Bridge High School Courses

Midland Trail Courses

Oak Hill High School

Pikeview High School Courses

Princeton High School Courses

Riverside High School

Shady Spring High School Courses

Summers County Courses 

Valley High School Courses

Woodrow Wilson Courses

NOTE: Enrolling in courses for a particular high school does not prevent students from taking other courses - eligible students may also apply for courses in our Online section.

If you prefer a paper application, you can download one here. However, the online application will streamline your application/registration process and save you time.