Construction and Renovation Progress


We’re excited about the progress with our transition to the Beckley Campus. We’re renovating spaces and creating new ones. We’re outfitting laboratories, upgrading equipment, preparing classrooms and making spaces for Golden Bears to relax, study and feel comfortable in our new home.

Below is a list of recent and current projects that will help keep Golden Bears and the community informed about the progress being made.  All projects listed will be ready for use by the Fall 2017 semester.

If you’re not familiar with the Beckley Campus, get acquainted with our campus map.


Classroom Building (formerly Health Science Building)

The Classroom Building will house psychology, sociology, the animal behavioral lab, observation rooms, computer labs and instructional space for surveying, power, hydraulic, thermofluids, solid mechanics, controls, design, sustainable energy and heat transfer.

Golden Bear Athletic Center

The Golden Bear Athletic Center will house 12 offices, four locker rooms, conference/meeting rooms and new laundry facilities for the WVU Tech Athletic Department. This newly renovated space will also house new audio-visual equipment for team meetings and film review.

Physical Sciences Building (formerly Shroyer Hall)

The Physical Sciences Building will house chemistry, physics and physical science laboratories along with support spaces and offices.


Engineering Laboratory

The Engineering Laboratory will be located at the corner of Grove and Minnesota between University Hall and the Innovation Building. It will house large-scale experiments related to soils, materials, fluid flow and thermodynamics, as well as student design programs for the concrete canoe and SAE design teams.

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