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Campus Transition FAQ


Who is purchasing the Montgomery Campus?
There have been multiple entities interested in the campus facilities in Montgomery. One of these groups – KVC Health Systems (“KVC”) – has been engaged in discussions with the local community about their interest in the property. WVU and KVC Health Systems have reached an agreement regarding a lease-purchase of a significant portion of the WVU Tech Montgomery campus. We believe that this agreement will be a positive opportunity for the area, for this organization and for the West Virginia University system.

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Will I be able to obtain a job on the Montgomery Campus after WVU Tech moves to Beckley?
That decision will be up to the entities acquiring or leasing the facilities.

Will the community be able to use the facilities on the Montgomery Campus after WVU Tech moves to Beckley?
That decision will be up to the entities acquiring or leasing the facilities.

What facilities will be a part of the contract?
From a high-level perspective, the facilities located in Fayette County are part of the agreement with KVC. This is all of the facilities on campus except the engineering laboratory, engineering building and facilities building. Those three facilities are being considered by BridgeValley Community and Technical College.

What is the timeline for other partner organization(s) to begin using the facilities?
That decision will be up to KVC and any other entity acquiring or leasing the facilities.

What does this mean for the requirement for WVU to maintain the facilities until 2025?
The commitment to continue the maintenance of the Montgomery Campus was until 2025 or until the properties were sold, whichever occurred first. While the buildings are leased WVU’s obligations to maintain the facilities remain, and KVC has agreed to meet the requirements of WVU during that time in which it leases the facilities. There is a consensus, however, that the HiRise residence hall should be razed.

What will happen to the president’s house in Montgomery?
This property is a part of the real estate negotiations for the campus and its use will be determined by the group that acquires it.

What will happen to the HiRise facility on the campus? 
Our transition to Beckley has included thoughtful consideration of how every building on the Montgomery campus can and might be used in the future. There is a consensus that the HiRise residence hall should be razed. This space will open up room for further development or for green space. All bids for the project are due by April 4 with a project completion deadline of June 30, 2017.

What will happen to the alumni house in Montgomery?
WVU is in the process of gifting the alumni house and the marina to the City of Montgomery. All deeds are clear to do so, but there are state authorities who must approve the transfer.

Is there an alumni house in Beckley?
Yes. There is an Erickson Alumni Center in Beckley.

Does this mean that WVU Tech will no longer exist after the move?
This move is to preserve WVU Tech as an institution. WVU Tech will exist on the WVU Beckley Campus, just not in Montgomery.

What will happen to Montgomery with the movement of WVU Tech to Beckley?
The Collaboration Team has been committed to hearing community concerns. This past year has been a time for big ideas, and the team continues to be committed to connecting communities to available resources and facilitating innovative problem solving. The team is working with area groups to move forward on partnerships, new ideas and how to deliver the best services and opportunities to the region.

Will campus facilities be available to rent by the public?
The facilities on the Montgomery campus that have been rented to the public in the past (i.e. the David S. Long Alumni Center and the Tech Center Ballroom) will continue to be available for rent by the community until May 1, 2017. At that time, the focus of the Facilities Management staff and many other campus employees will be the preparations for Commencement Weekend and the move of the campus to Beckley.


Will the facilities in Beckley be ready in time for the Fall 2017 semester?
All facilities will be ready for the beginning of the academic term in August 2017. All renovation and construction projects are on track. For more details, visit our  Construction and Renovation Progress page.

With all of the budget cuts, does WVU Tech have the funds needed to make the move?
Yes. Expenses related to contracted moving services have been budgeted and a moving company will be contracted to facilitate the move this summer. Prior to that, some offices with smaller furniture and materials will be moved by our internal facilities staff to help ease into the transition. We want to make sure that the move is as efficient as possible, while not disrupting academic and support services to our students.

Will WVU Tech continue to exist in Beckley?
Absolutely. WVU Tech will continue in Beckley. The campus location – the point on the map – is the WVU Beckley Campus. This follows how locations in Morgantown are marked. For instance, WVU operates on the Downtown and Evansdale campuses. WVU Tech will operate and be promoted as WVU Tech on the WVU Beckley Campus. There will be some WVU programs on the Beckley campus, just as there are currently on the Montgomery campus. WVU Extension Services offices and a WVU LaunchLab are also being housed on the WVU Beckley campus alongside WVU Tech. The bookstore will continue to offer materials and apparel for WVU Tech and WVU.

When will the official move begin and what is the tentative timeline? 
There are many plans and processes already in place to move certain items in an incremental way. However, the bulk of the move will take place this summer (May 8 through May 19, 2017 and from June 12 through June 30, 2017) so that we can be prepared to start the semester in Beckley in August 2017. For the week of May 8, the earlier part of the week will be spent moving some non-academic departments (athletics, dining, administrative) and faculty areas will move later in that week to accommodate the submission of grades, etc.


Will I be able to obtain a job on the Montgomery Campus after WVU Tech moves to Beckley?
That decision will be up to entities purchasing or leasing the facilities.

Will employees on the Montgomery Campus have jobs in Beckley?
All current WVU Tech faculty and staff will have similar positions (positions at the same rate of pay with similar duties) in Beckley if they choose to accept the position in the new location.

How will jobs be assigned in Beckley?
Generally, most employees will be doing similar jobs – just at a different location.

When might I have to start working in Beckley?
Some employees have already been working on both campuses. All who decide to transition to the Beckley campus will do so by June 30, 2017.


How will this affect our partnership with Montgomery General Hospital and the Collaborative Nursing Training Center?
Nursing training needs will now be met on the Beckley campus, and nursing students will have access to new opportunities and facilities in the region.

Will there be WVU or WVU Tech courses offered on the Montgomery Campus after the Spring 2017 semester?
No. All courses for WVU Tech will be offered on the Beckley Campus beginning the Fall 2017 semester.

Will WVU Beckley continue all programs currently offered at WVU Tech?
All 40 academic programs – including our 9 ABET-accredited engineering programs – currently offered at WVU Tech in Montgomery will be offered in Beckley beginning August 2017. Additional programs could be added in the future to best serve the region’s needs. However, additional discussions are needed with Bluefield, Concord, community leaders and the Higher Education Policy Commission before any final decisions may be made.

How will this affect the cost of attendance (tuition and fees, housing, dining) for students?
Tuition and fees for all WVU system campuses are set and approved by WVU’s Board of Governors in June of each year. For information about tuition and fees at WVU Tech, visit

Will all of the WVU Tech athletic programs move to Beckley?
Yes, athletic programs will move to the Beckley campus in Fall 2017.

What athletic facilities will the student athletes use in the 2017-2018 academic year/season?
In addition to the three newly renovated buildings on campus, student athletes will have access to the YMCA of Southern WV, the Paul Cline Memorial Complex and the King Coal Beckley Automall Arena at the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center. While these agreements are in place, discussions related to additional facilities that may be used in 2017-2018 are ongoing.


Will WVU Tech officially close?
WVU Tech will move to Beckley and the name WVU Tech will remain. WVU Tech’s new home (and only location) will be on the WVU Beckley Campus after the spring semester of 2016.

How will the legacy of WVU Tech continue?
We are doing a number of things to preserve both the legacy of Tech as an institution and the history of those who have made Tech their home. (See below for more detail.)

Will the mascot for WVU Tech continue to be the Golden Bear?
Yes. WVU Tech will continue to be the Golden Bears after we move to Beckley.

Will Tech alumni events continue or will they be merged with WVU alumni activities?
There will continue to be WVU Tech alumni activities organized separately from WVU alumni activities. However, there will be opportunities for all alumni from the WVU system to celebrate and network together at collective events and programs.

Will WVU Tech students be WVU Tech alumni when they graduate?
Yes. WVU Tech graduates will be WVU Tech/Golden Bear alumni.

How will we preserve the legacy of the people for which our buildings and monuments are named on the WVU Beckley campus? (For example, Leonard C. Nelson College of Engineering and Sciences.)
Those names that are associated with Tech will appear on the Beckley campus where appropriate. The engineering college will retain Dr. Nelson’s name on the WVU Beckley Campus.

What will happen to the Athletic Hall of Fame?
There will be a Golden Bear Athletic Hall of Fame on the WVU Beckley Campus. A space has been designated for the Hall of Fame and the namesakes from the Montgomery Campus will continue in the Hall of Fame in Beckley.

Is there an alumni house in Beckley?
Yes. There is an Erickson Alumni Center in Beckley.

What will happen to the WVU Tech welcome wall on the Montgomery campus?
The existing wall will remain in place. Following the move, the wall will be replicated in some form on the WVU Beckley campus.

How will we work with the Beckley community to build/develop a successful college environment for the campus?
Community and business leaders continue to express a great deal of support. Collaborative opportunities and discussions are ongoing. WVU’s Law Clinic will offer pro bono legal aid and a LaunchLab is providing research and entrepreneurial support. WVU’s Extension Service will continue to be a strong academic base serving the region.

Is WVU trying to eliminate Bluefield/Concord?
No. The decision to relocate WVU Tech to Beckley is being undertaken to preserve WVU Tech as an institution, not to eliminate or reduce enrollment at Bluefield and Concord. We want to be good partners with Bluefield and Concord – and have been in contact with both presidents, as well as many community leaders, to discuss optimizing academic opportunities and developing partnerships with other academic institutions. We will continue those conversations. We also hope to pursue academic programs for students in this region that are unique to this area, such as tourism and hospitality; culinary arts; nursing and allied health fields; adventure recreation leadership and management; entrepreneurship; construction management; etc. We also want to meet the needs of students from those two schools with master’s level programs in such fields as business administration, nursing and outdoor recreation.

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