Tuition and Fees 2015 – 2016

Annual Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Resident: $6,336
Nonresident: $15,936

Programmatic Fees

$1,800 ($900 per semester)

$2,160 ($1,080 per semester)

Business Management
$528 ($264 per semester)

Regents BA
$528 (264 per semester)

Math and Natural Sciences
$600 ($300 per semester)

*Includes pre-engineering and pre-nursing

Room and Board

Student Health Insurance

Bills/Student Accounts

Paper bills are not provided unless requested. To view your student account balance and/or to make a payment, log in to STAR, select “Student Services & Housing,” “Student Accounts” and then click on “Electronic Bill by Term/Make Payment.”

If you have questions about your student account, contact WVU Tech Financial Aid at 304.442.3228. If you have questions about housing, contact the Dean of Students’ Office at 304.442.3158.