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WVU Tech Recognizes Scholarship Recipients

Zachary | August 25th, 2014
Scholarship Group

On Friday, August 22, WVU Tech recognized more than 50 scholarship recipients at a luncheon hosted in the Student Success Center. During the event, students wrote messages to donors, signed a thank-you banner and heard from Campus President Carolyn Long.

Mary Cunningham, a nursing student at WVU Tech, attended the event. Mary, who balances her studies with an externship at the CAMC Memorial Hospital cardiac catheterization lab and a busy family life with five brothers and sisters, was awarded the Fitzwater Sisters Scholarship for full-time nursing students. She said the scholarship will allow her to concentrate on finishing out her senior year.

Scholarship 2 Students write thank-you cards to scholarship donors.

“This is a real blessing. I want to be a nurse and a servant to the community, and this will help me get there when I may not have been able to otherwise,” she said. “It’s also helping my classmates – who are mothers, full-time workers and students – continue to be amazing.”

President Long said students like Mary are why scholarship funding is so important.

“Our scholarship program is much more than financial support. Awarding a scholarship shows faith and trust in our students, encourages continued academic success and enables students to focus on an education that will allow them to change their very futures,” she said.

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WVU Tech would like to thank our scholarship donors for their investment in our students and congratulate the following scholarship recipients:

Adam Westwick – Alan M. and Evelyn G. Simmons Scholarship
Alexandra Flores – William A. Bragg Scholarship
Allison Kincaid – Brigit Laird Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Andrew Thaxton – Bryan Bills Scholarship
Brandon Cole – James Edward “Eddie” Kenyon Memorial Scholarship
Brandon Frazier – Westmoreland Coal Scholarship
Brendon Rankou – Thad Epps Memorial Scholarship/Richard C. Flint Scholarship
Brittany Doran – Hungate-Thyuson Civil Engineering Scholarship
Brittany Doyle – Fitzwater Sisters Scholarship
Bryana Christian – Brigit Laird Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Chelsie King – Fitzwater Sisters Scholarship
Cortes Torres – Nora Goad Endowed Scholarship
Crystal Spurlock – Fitzwater Sisters Scholarship
Daniel Hull – Westmoreland Coal Scholarship
Diantha Ray – Alva W. and Irene May Orndorff Scholarship
Dustin Sauriol – Nelson Endowed Scholarship
Emily Fontalbert – Alva W. and Irene May Orndorff Scholarship
Erica Johnson – Otis. K. Rice Endowed Scholarship
Erica Johnson – William A. Bragg Scholarship
Hailey Ballard – Ammy Michelle Webb Civil Engineering Scholarship
Jacob Harper – Bryan Bills Scholarship
Jacob Riggins – Ruth Watson Memorial Scholarship
Jacqueline Carroll – Virginia P. Toney Presidential Honorarium
James Waldeck – Alva W. and Irene May Orndorff Scholarship
Janet Cunningham – Pamela and Sewell Preston Champe Scholarship
Jonathan Clark – Westmoreland Coal Scholarship
Jorge Zapata – H.M. McSurley Endowed Scholarship
Joseph Caudill – Harvey R. Chapman Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Ferguson – Alex Walmsley Memorial Scholarship
Joshua Keiffer – Leonard R. and Farrell Kirk Computer Science Scholarship
Kaleb Acree – Bryan Bills Scholarship
Kiarash Tirandazi – Leonard R. and Farrell Kirk Computer Science Scholarship
Kyle Diem – Bryan Bills Scholarship
LaShae Edmonds – William A. Bragg Scholarship
Loren Jackson – Richard Ridgeway Moore Memorial Scholarship
Mary Cunningham – Fitzwater Sisters Scholarship
Matthew Caton – H.M. McSurley Endowed Scholarship
Matthew Cook – Henry C. Skaggs Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Miranda Morrison – Laird Memorial Nurses Alumni Association
Nia Nolan – Nora Goad Endowed Scholarship
Nicole Pennington – Fitzwater Sisters Scholarship
Roger Pettit – William A. Bragg Scholarship
Sara Brown – Clonch Family Scholarship
Shannon Wiercioch – Orndorff Freshman Scholarship
Shella Kelley – James Edward “Eddie” Kenyon Memorial Scholarship
Sheridan Satokao – J.A.B. and Verna Veaszey Holt Scholarship
Tammy Skidemore – Brigit Laird Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Teresa Purdue – Virginia P. Toney Presidential Honorarium
Tiffany Humphery – Valley Emergency Medical Services Scholarship
Tory Raynes – Patsy Sizemore Scholarship
Tyler Williams – Virginia P. Toney Presidential Honorarium
Tyrelle McLeod-Bentley – Pitsenberger Family HHJ&L Endowed Scholarship
Vanity Harrah – Alva W. and Irene May Orndorff Scholarship
Zachary Hornsby – Westmoreland Coal Scholarship
Zachary Riggins – Patsy Sizemore Scholarship

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