8 Apr

The Department of Social Sciences and Public Administration at West Virginia University Institute of Technology is soliciting Flint Scholarship applications from students who plan to major in programs offered by the Department.

The Richard C. Flint Scholarship fund was established in the memory of Richard C. Flint to attract exceptional students to the Department’s programs. The fund was established for students wishing to major in Health Services Administration, Industrial Relations and Human Resources, Criminal Justice Administration, and Public Service Administration (with optional tracks in Non-Profit Administration, Law and Legal Services Administration, Construction Management Administration and Community Economic Development). The size of the scholarships varies, but will cover part, or all, of full tuition costs and may be renewable.

Richard C. Flint served WVU Tech as the Coordinator and Professor of the Health Services Administration program in the Department. Flint, who was well known in Kanawha and Fayette Counties, suffered a fatal heart attack in the Fall of 1992.

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation administers the Richard C. Flint Scholarship fund, with faculty in the Department of Social Sciences and Public Administration serving as a selection sub-committee. Students interested in majoring in one of the Department’s academic areas should submit an application [Snippet Error: This file has been deleted.] to Dr. John David’s attention at WVU Tech. The deadline for applications is May 1, 2011.

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