11 Mar

WVU Tech hosted a Strategic Planning Progress Forum on March 10, 2011, to update all constituent groups on the progress each initiative workgroup has made towards reaching the 2015 Vision.

Dr. Guy Vitaglione, WVU Tech’s Strategic Planning coordinator, emphasized the collaborative efforts of the entire Tech community, including over 70 volunteers that participate on one or more of the seven initiative workgroups. These volunteers include representatives from Tech’s faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community supporters.

“Each of our workgroups has made great progress. Working together, we can all be a part of shaping Tech’s future,” explained Vitaglione.
During the forum, Vitaglione reviewed key milestones reported by each initiative workgroup for the first half of the first year of the Plan’s progress. The “Strategic Recruitment and Retention” workgroup reported an eight percent increase in the university’s freshmen Fall-to-Spring retention rate over last year. The “Our People and Our Culture” workgroup reported that a comprehensive, campus-wide performance reviews initiative for all Classified Staff is nearly 70 percent complete.

Other workgroups’ progress includes the reinvigoration of a national WVU Tech Alumni Association; continued work on developing a “Campus Master Plan” outlining repair, maintenance, and construction improvements on campus; an ongoing comprehensive review of all academic programs; work towards the creation of a campus “Student Success Center” to offer academic and social support for students; and completion of a study of the proposed student “Tech Debit Card” to be used for on-campus purchases, dorm access, and other functions.

Progress reports for each initiative, workgroup meeting schedules, and contact information for each initiative leader are on posted on the university’s website.

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